The picture of health

25 August 2016

Advances in technology are moving the health industry forward in leaps and bounds.

The National Joint Registry is a key example. We’ve managed the service for over ten years, helping to turn it into the largest orthopaedic register in the world and a resource for medical professionals internationally when making health decisions. Every year, we add more information to the two million plus procedures already in its database.

The insight it enables – what works, for how long, and where potential problems are, among other things – is creating healthier futures for millions of people undergoing joint replacement surgery. The registry is serving a wide array of stakeholders and has transformed from being a database into a vital tool that helps the decisions of patients, clinicians, suppliers, research and the international community.

Health is a global market where innovations are quickly shared. Now the solutions that we’ve helped build in the UK are helping in India, where we are assisting a trial for a new hip and knee registry in one of the world’s fast growing markets.  

Dave Meaden, Chief Executive, Northgate Public Services