Changes to Social Fund

Helping you to support vulnerable citizens

In 2013 we saw the devolution of the Local Welfare Provision to Local Government in England and the Devolved Governments of Wales and Scotland.

We are supporting over 60 councils and the Welsh Government with their pan Wales provision to assist the most vulnerable people to meet their need for food and essential items or to assist citizens to maintain their independence within the community.

With our partner Family Fund Trading Ltd, the UKs largest grant giving charity, we developed a flexible Local Welfare Provision Service, extending from Software as a Service through to Business Process as a Service.

  • A fully managed end-to-end cloud service enables us to deliver your policy on your behalf. We will support applications via on-line, post or telephone channels, take decisions and manage fulfilment and appeals, whilst working with you to deliver effective fund management.
  • A transactional, pay as you go service provides you with a cost-effective transactional based model covering any element of Local Welfare Provision.  From eligibility and application processing, decision making, fulfilment delivery, appeal processing through to quality assurance of applications, it’s your choice.
  • A Software as a Service (SaaS) enables you to manage all aspects of the service using our application via the cloud.

Our services provide a flexible framework which gives you the mechanism to administer the fund whilst maintaining management control throughout the whole process.