Anti-social behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour

ASSURE Anti-Social Behaviour provides a dedicated way to record, monitor and progress reported incidents, while the comprehensive case management system enables you to deal with enforcement orders. It is fully integrated with our ASSURE suite of products.

Features and benefits

  • Easy extraction and sharing of information relating to anti-social behaviour

  • Reducing the time spent on administration

  • Quick and easy reporting mechanism to analyse and monitor behaviour 

  • Ability to monitor the success rate of previous measures

  • Creation of individual records for each person, and the linking of multiple people involved in the same incident

  • Ability to record aggravating factors, including whether incidents are racial, religious or disability related

  • Storing documents and reports from the investigation process against the incident in an integrated repository

Improves overall management

The recording of incidents may currently be property-based so not fully reflective, as anti-social behaviour is usually person-based. ASSURE Anti-Social Behaviour also facilitates records of and monitoring of the key people involved.

Complaints and recorded incidents are all collated, along with supporting evidence (such as documents and photographs) with a record of action taken. These are recorded centrally against primary subjects (persons or properties) which allows for greater visibility in monitoring instances that may be approaching a Community Trigger.

If enforcement action is to be taken, the module can record details of injunctions, Criminal Behaviour Orders and Fixed Penalty Notices. This includes progress details, information about the person, consultations and witnesses, breaches, publications etc.

Enabling work in progress to be tracked in an integrated and user-friendly way helps reduce the time spent on low-value administrative tasks, freeing up staff to efficiently deal with complaints and enforcement.

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