Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land

Contamination is a major problem for most UK local authorities, with over £500 million spent removing contaminants from polluted sites each year.

Supporting complex and high risk procedures and assessments

Contaminated land is legally defined as land where substances could cause significant harm to people and/or protected species, or significant pollution of surface waters or groundwater. This includes sites such as former factories, mines, steelworks, refineries and landfills.

Our solution

With records required to be kept indefinitely, ASSURE Contaminated Land provides a source for records that can shared with other council departments and government agencies including Planning, Environmental Health and DeFRA. It integrates fully with the ASSURE suite of products and simplifies the recording and processing of all contaminated land sites through database information and integrated mapping facilities.

Features and benefits

  • Simplifies the recording and processing of sites

  • Provides a full site history, with appropriate person(s) identified, recorded and updated over the life of a case

  • Allows standard forms of exchange of information between local authorities and the Environment Agency (SOCL) for site determination, remediation and annual summary

  • Provides access to maps showing all contaminated land sites recorded, plus associated database information

  • Records information on ‘special sites’ which once identified become regulated by the Environment Agency

  • Identifies the Source, Path and Receptor linked to contamination

  • Enables results to be scatter plotted to aid analysis

  • Identifies significant receptor sites (SSSIs, rivers, conservation areas) through a separate database which can be used in conjunction with Contaminated Land

  • Properties linked to the contaminated or formerly contaminated site can also be linked to the record, so any individual enquiries can be easily identified and routed back to the contaminated record

Bringing land back into use

Database information linked to the site contains all the information you need including site identification, contaminants, contaminant leakage, site history and risk assessment.

This database is not restricted to ‘contaminated’ land as it can also be used to process and record any sites 'Under investigation, 'To be monitored' or 'Under Environment Agency Enforcement'.

Risk is then spatially calculated based on receptors near the site using the integrated mapping facility.

With a shortage of housing and an emphasis on bringing 'brownfield' sites into use for housing development means the identification, monitoring and remediation of this land, depending on its former use, is essential.

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