Food hygiene

Mobile apps

Mobile apps for food hygiene officers.

Our mobile apps allow food hygiene officers to work effectively on the move, even in areas with no wifi or data connection, cutting at least two hours off the time taken for each inspection. 

The Food Hygiene Mobile app gives offices details of their workload, allows them to complete food inspections and email the results of the inspection to the business before leaving the premises.

The mobile Enquiries app then provides full access to historical enquiries, including any previous complaints and notices. It also means requests for visits can be delivered direct to officers in the field, backed up by maps that remain accessible even without a data connection. 

Features and benefits

  • Full integration with back-office solutions, providing access to all relevant information, even when offline
  • Better customer service, with inspections completed and shared with businesses whilst still on the premises
  • Ability to complete higher numbers of inspections in any one day, and to avoid unnecessary visits to the office
  • Simple and cost-effective Android-based solutions

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