Prevention & Early Intervention

Prevention & Early Intervention

There is an increasing move towards identifying individuals who may be at risk of needing support before they reach crisis point.

Prevention & Early Intervention indicates where to target early interventions to prevent or delay dependency on long-term care and remove unnecessary burden from A&E departments.

Northgate Public Services (NPS) can work with you to integrate data from a range of sources to enable identification of citizens where support services may be of value in order to, for example, reduce the risk of social isolation. We can also provide the solutions to direct services to these people via a range of channels including direct contact in the community. This can be done via NPS’ call-centre facility, working with the voluntary sector and through our network of social housing providers.

This approach makes the range of support services available within the local area more widely recognised and ensures that those with relevant needs are made aware of services that they may benefit from, before reaching crisis point.  By using NPS Campaign Management tool, individuals can be successfully profiled to ensure that only relevant services are directed to them. Campaigns can be monitored and measured to ensure that they meet the desired outcomes.

Intelligence from the informatics platform may also be used by Public Health to identify individuals to target with Public Health campaigns in support of the early intervention and wellbeing agenda.