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Visualisation tools

NPS visualisation tools: A picture is worth a thousand words


NPS’ visualisation tools enable data to be viewed pictorially, making it far easier to spot patterns and identify trends that are difficult to see otherwise.

The visualisation tools are available with both NPS Adults and Children’s systems.



The Timeline provides a dynamic, single, graphical view of all events relating to a person or family. Presented pictorially, users can zoom in and out, view siblings and family members alongside each other and select different types of event to be displayed. Clicking on events in the Timeline will show further details and enable you to drill into AIS/CCM to see more information.


The Timeline saves time by making information quicker and easier to interpret. 

Timeline - vis tool

Involvements Map

The Involvement Map graphically displays all the people that are involved with a person, whether an adult or child. It dynamically displays professionals, family connections and care providers, enabling a single view of everyone involved in a person’s care.




Involvement map - vis tool