Policing software

Policing software

Pioneering software from policing expert

We’ve been at the forefront of police technology for decades, delivering major improvements for UK forces and supporting some of the biggest national programmes. 
Our CONNECT software platform combines this unrivalled policing experience with the most advanced technology on the market. 
Already selected by 30,000  officers in 13 forces, it automates time-consuming manual tasks and delivers accurate information instantly, transforming productivity to better protect the public. 

How CONNECT empowers Policing

The CONNECT platform’s unique design allows relevant, accurate, logical, and consistent information to be shared safely and automatically with victims, witnesses and partners, engaging the public in new ways and supporting effective multi-agency collaboration. 

Advanced analytics allows police resources to be targeted at the most vulnerable individuals and those who pose the biggest threat. 

Continuous innovation and performance improvement

CONNECT replaces costly and cumbersome legacy solutions with off-the-shelf components that are continually updated and improved. 
Without the constraints of information silos and outdated systems, forces are free to adapt operational policing to meet changing demand, making the move to mobile working and connecting other systems and technologies with ease.

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