Policing software

Policing software

World-class policing software.

We've provided the police with world-class ICT solutions for over 20 years, with software designed to help prevent and reduce crime, improve public engagement and deliver safe and thriving communities.

We work with every regional police force in the UK, and with many other law enforcement and criminal justice organisations, helping to break down silos and get the most out of data.

Our CONNECT platform makes police information immediately available to the officers and staff who need it, allowing data on intelligence, investigations, custody and case preparation to be held centrally and to common standards.

This technology powers the Athena programme, an ambitious collaboration programme that brings forces together to connect information, align processes and reduce costs.

We also provide national software solutions for penalty notice enforcement, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), firearms registration and the violent and sexual offences register, and played a significant role in the development of the Police National Database.


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