Athena is a revolution in police collaboration.

Falling budgets and reduced officer numbers is having a profound impact on policing. Collaboration with key members of the community, more efficient use of resources and less time lost to administration are key to keeping officers focused on preventing crime.  

The Athena programme is the culmination of our decades of experience in helping police forces to transform productivity and protect communities.

Athena revolutionises police collaboration, bringing forces together to connect information, align processes and share costs.

Athena LogoThe unique Athena programme, from the Athena Management Organisation (AMO), partnered by Northgate Public Services, is the first of its kind in the UK and the largest investment in police technology in the last decade.

It means that forces linked to Athena will be able to offer better protection to communities as well as improved crime prevention and detection. By stripping out time-consuming manual processes and integrating seamlessly with police, court service and Crown Prosecution Service systems, Athena can help forces to work faster and achieve more. It seamlessly merges intelligence, investigation management, case preparation and custody data and processes along with property, digital data and a host of other supporting services. Officers can search once, input once, and re-use many times – not just within one force, but across all forces using Athena.  

Athena will create more efficient and effective staffing by shifting resources from the back office to the front office, helping to positively re-distribute roles and rearrange staffing procedures.  For the public, this will mean safer streets with more police in the community, while for the police it will help reduce the burden of administration, staff shortages and pressures on the police workload.

Below are just some of Athena’s key benefits:

  • Enhanced investigative capability by improving information flow across existing force boundaries.
  • Provision of better intelligence to front line police officers.
  • Staff using Athena will see time savings in completing case files and will be better able to deliver the right support to victims and witnesses.
  • Athena contains a complete police custody management system to seamlessly process detainees from report to court.

The Athena programme is underpinned by our CONNECT suite of solutions and services.