A proven solution for policing 

The most advanced technology on the market, the modular CONNECT platform is used by a growing number of forces to eradicate manual tasks, improve decision making and change how the police engage their partners and the public. 

Liberating information

CONNECT liberates information from legacy silos to make records available immediately across the force. Huge volumes of data on intelligence, investigations, custody management and case preparation become available for simple or advanced analysis, making re-keying information a thing of the past. 

It automates previously manual tasks, including notifications for witnesses and victims, and by linking to national systems and enabling the use of digital evidence, it gives full support to digital case folders and virtual courts processing.


CONNECT’s configurable, off-the-shelf components are continually improved to allow forces to adapt to new ways of working. New technologies like digital asset solutions can be connected with ease, enabling fast-growing formats like video evidence to be as accessible as other forms. 

As well as the core modules for investigations, intelligence, case preparation and custody, additional components allow forces to develop the platform, with connectable solutions for asset management, ANPR, public engagement, enforcement, resourcing, analytics, GIS and forensics.