The CONNECT software platform makes police information immediately available to officers and staff, with data on intelligence, investigations, custody management and case preparation held centrally and to common standards. 

Individual silos of information are broken down so a single record can be shared right across the force. It’s easy to access, offers deep functionality and strips out the time taken to re-key information, allowing officers to search once, input once, and re-use many times. 

Better case management

Data from any stage of a process (report, intelligence, investigation, arrest or detention) can be re-used without double keying, and a complete electronic case file means a substantial reduction in paper files. By linking to national systems and enabling the use of digital evidence, it gives full support to digital case folders and virtual courts processing.

Improved custody processes

The Custody module supports speedy booking-in processes, the automatic update of investigation reports and case files, and premises search warrants and also strengthens PACE and safer detection compliance. 

Shared intelligence

Fully compliance with the National Intelligence Model (NIM), the Intelligence module supports tactical and strategic analyses, as well as profiles for identified problems and those suspected of crime.

Faster investigations

The Investigation module improves the quality and accessibility of data for officers and staff, covering crime, anti-social behaviour, domestica abuse, vulnerable adults, hate crime and child protection.

Advanced searches

CONNECT uses our revolutionary POLE (people, objects, locations and events) database, allowing simple and complex searches to be performed with ease. Access levels can be easily controlled, with information on updates automatically stored to support a full audit process at all stages of a record. By reducing bureaucracy and improving collaboration, it offers real-time, joined-up data for faster decision making, richer intelligence and safer communities.

Additional modules allow forces to develop the platform, with connectable software solutions for asset management, ANPR, public contact, enforcement, resourcing, analytics, GIS and Forensics. 


Our Forensics solution is the most advanced forensic case management software available for integrated scenes of crime scientific support. Used by the majority of UK police forces for secure forensic evidence handling, forensic case management, matching of evidence, modus operandi matching, and pattern recognition between apparently unrelated cases, it provides a secure database for crucial evidence. It delivers reliable and accurate reporting on evidence, a continuity of processes in any case that uses evidence, and simple information sharing with other police systems.

The CONNECT platform also underpins the Athena police collaboration programme.

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