Adjudication software for camera-detected offences.

Our Adjudication software improves camera-detected speeding and red light offence viewing and processing for Central Ticket Offices and Safety Camera Partnerships.

To make training and transition easier, CONNECT: Adjudication has been developed with a similar look and feel to PentiP and there are plans for better integration in future.

Already, users can take advantage of: 

  • Multi force capability
  • Partial export of a film
  • Bulk rejections
  • Facility to reset button on viewing
  • Entry for loading, unloading and viewing officer
  • Community speed watch module
  • Real time PNC link on viewing
  • Extended data fields events
  • VRM history
  • Home screen quick links

CONNECT Adjudication screenshot

The next phase of development includes the automatic transfer of offences from CONNECT Adjudication to PentiP, removing the need for manual upload and leading to far greater efficiency. Subject to Home Office approval, we will also offer: 

  • Searching frames by PentiP Ticket Number
  • Improved document handling
  • Driver identifier
  • Prosecution button
  • Synchronising of Alerts/Officer/Location/Camera Device reference data from PentiP
  • Offence images in PentiP
  • Exporting of no trace vehicles into PentiP
  • Loading of vehicle alerts from PentiP
  • Traffic offence report button (other offences)
  • Image view

Our Adjudication solution forms part of our CONNECT Enforcement portfolio. 

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