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Resourcing software 

Now, more than ever, the police service needs to make the most of its people. That means knowing who is available and planning how best to use them.

Our resource management software, CONNECT: CARM (Computer Aided Resource Management) helps forces to meet daily demands and to plan ahead. With simple self-service facilities, audited workflows, planning tools and notifications to improve communication, it helps to reduce risk and improve efficiency and effectiveness. This web based solution is made up of modules and components with highly-flexible configuration to help you focus on immediate business objectives and to evolve as new challenges arise.

With our software, BCU managers can match resources to demand more dynamically and accurately. This can be completed in near real-time and retrospectively. One area of immediate savings is fleet management, but a wide range of cashable savings can be delivered in the medium and longer-term through better utilisation of operational resources.

GIS for control rooms

Operators in the control room need a clear visualisation of incident and resource data. The map-based visualisation of information provided by our GIS xc software helps them make more informed decisions about resource utilisation and to identify the most appropriate resource to send to an incident. Advanced routing technology improves the speed of response but also increases safety for both officers and public.

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