Income management

Income management

Providing a complete picture of your income.

A range of new policies are adding up and putting significant pressure on providers.

Managing and protecting housing income

Welfare reform underpins some of the biggest changes in the benefit system with the impending shake up now being put into place.

Housing providers face increased financial risk as housing benefit will be provided to the tenant and rent payment shifts towards direct payment from the individual. Providers and tenants are also hit with even more challenges with the pressures from pay to stay, right to buy and increasing rents.

Now is the time for Housing providers to look at new ways to proactively manage income and support tenants to minimise the risk.

Our income management solutions combat each risk to allow you to better manage and protect your income, through:

  • making it easier for customers to pay
  • better customer engagement and support
  • improved customer intelligence

Making it easier for tenants to pay

Our proven self serve option allows tenants and leaseholders to:

  • set up and manage their own online account
  • view payment schedules, and
  • register for direct debit payments

The SMS package allows providers to contact tenants with important communications and alert tenants when their rent is due.

Better customer engagement

Your Housing Officers will be kept up to date with tenant information, in real time. This ensures they can proactively target tenants with a solution before any problems arise.

Our customer insight solutions seamlessly integrates CRM and NPS housing, eliminating re-keying and allowing providers to resolve a huge range of queries in first contact. Our mobile solutions provide Housing Officers access to this information, allowing them to proactively support customers by having productive conversations about their situation. 

Improved customer intelligence

Our solutions allow providers to capture data around tenants including income, payments, frequency and irregular income, this allows the provider to make informed decisions to better support customers and assist providers who are considering the new Pay to Stay policy.

Customer intelligence will alert the provider to any problematic tenants, potential threats to income and allow them to quickly adapt and put in measures to mitigate risk and choose a strategy that not only helps the provider but works for the customer based on their history.

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