Communications Management

In many control rooms, operators still have separate radio, telephone and dealer rooms systems on their desks.

As a result of such fragmented communications, operators lack accurate data and shared awareness about operational situations. Processes tend to be manual and time consuming. The effects are significant: operational delays to services, and disruption for customers.

CallTouch, our integrated communication control system, is used by control rooms across the public and private sector to improve operational communication and resource deployment. In the face of increasing demand and reducing budgets, CallTouch can help you optimise efficient use of your people and substantially reduce the need to recruit further staff.

CallTouch makes it easier for control room operators to communicate with their colleagues by managing all telephone and radio calls from a single screen. The result is reduced costs and fewer delays.

CallTouch has a flexible and modular design that makes it straightforward to expand and is fully compliant with open standards, which makes integration with other systems easier. In addition, the use of standard communication bearers such as TCP/IP and ISDN enables control room staff to efficiently handle all inbound and outbound communications as a virtual control room across multiple sites.