Positional Accuracy Improvement

The Ordnance Survey® is going through a process of re-surveying the 1:2500 scale mapped areas of the UK, resulting in map features ‘moving’ so that they are more accurate in relation to the National Grid.

This affects all Land-Line® and MasterMap™ digital maps.  If you are using these, then the improved accuracy of the OS mapping may mean that your business data will no longer be aligned with the new maps. Items plotted against them, such as pipes, cables and buildings may move several metres in relative positioning, rendering your applications useless unless your data is repositioned.

We specialise in this area and can offer everything from PAI consultancy to performing the whole task for you as a managed service.

We are of course an Ordnance Survey licensed partner and indeed the Ordnance Survey uses StruMap to validate its data.

Having successfully completed over seven PAI projects, as both managed service and application provision, we are uniquely placed to offer industry leading consultancy and tools.

Pete Ashmore, Technical Advisor at Thames Water:
"PAI doesn't just affect utilities. It affects nearly every organisation that uses Ordnance Survey large scale data within its GIS. PAI may appear a daunting task. But with the right approach, right tools and the right partners, it can be done. And it will be time well spent."