Water Mains Flushing

A properly designed flushing programme will remove sediments that have built up over years, before costly, long-term remedial measures are necessary.

Such a programme will involve minimising the number of valve operations whilst maximising the length of mains flushed, notifying customers and communicating the works to contractors or staff.

NPS Flushing Designer can reduce the time spent on the design stages by 80%, increasing your efficiency and cutting costs. Our solution guides you through the process of flushing sections of your network, to ensure that water quality is not compromised for your customers.

Flushing Designer understands your network connectivity and calculates the path that water will take through the network when valves and hydrants are operated. Once the area to be flushed has been selected, Flushing Designer identifies the shortest path from the water input point to each hydrant. You can then review and refine the proposed design to account for local conditions. Information on the length of pipe flushed, volume of water required and duration of flush are automatically supplied and any parts of the network that have not been flushed are highlighted.