Corporate Transformation

Our Corporate Services efficiency programmes have helped put plans in place that will deliver in excess of £25m across the UK.

Increasingly, we are asked to work with councils, across the whole of the organisation, to help change the way they operate and interact with the citizens they serve.

Many councils are looking to identify significant cost savings from their current operations. This often means challenging long-standing arrangements and ‘ways of doing things’ that have existed for many years.

The changes required call for:

  • Different structures and organisation
  • A new form of ‘active leadership’ with a strong shared vision for the future
  • Hugely improved performance – on a service and individual level
  • The removal of excess administration, poor management and operational waste
  • Changing the current culture – along with strategic and commercial skills and capabilities – which supports the ongoing development of the organisation.  

“As two councils, we have been facing financial austerity.  We had to think very carefully and differently about how we were operating as an organisation and what we were spending. Northgate Public Services’ Transformation Team has played a huge part in helping us to do this.” 

Andrew Stokes, Executive Director and Chief Finance Officer, The Alliance