Innovative partnerships

Partnerships that create shared value.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do, so our partnerships take many forms. 

Our market leading software solutions can be accessed through the cloud to help clients reduce the cost of their infrastructure. 

We can run long-term outsourced services, provide short-term support, or guarantee that the savings made through our transformation services exceed the cost of our work. 

For Nottingham City Council, we run the revenues and benefits service and will also run services for other councils from the same facility. By working in this way we will make sure that vital benefits get paid quickly as well as creating up to 170 new jobs for the city and saving the council £6 million. 

At Hartlepool Borough Council, our strategic ICT partnership has delivered on its job creation target one year early, and we are on track to recruit 12 additional apprenticeships. They will join 19 existing apprentices and 230 employees working at our Hartlepool business hub. Our apprenticeship scheme is run in partnership with the award-winning Hartlepool College of Further Education and Hartlepool Council, and sees apprentices receive training on IT, business administration, finance and logistics, giving them the skills and training needed to thrive in today’s work environment.

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