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Using data captured from both clinicians and patients, we help the health service understand patient outcomes following treatment.

For two decades we have managed a variety of large healthcare data sets on behalf of the NHS and private organisations. From delivering the hospital episode statistics (HES) data collection, to providing national collection of patient reported outcome measures (PROMs), we deliver high quality, secure services providing our customers with insight into national healthcare delivery.

We operate the National Joint Registry (NJR) on behalf of Healthcare Quality Improvement Programme (HQIP).  As the largest register of its kind in the world, it holds over 2 million patient records for the NHS, with 200,000 procedures added each year.  As specialists in healthcare informatics, we provide added value to the NJR through statistical and analytical services. These provide deep insight into factors affecting outcomes, the performance of implants and the early detection of potential outliers. The NJR has been instrumental in raising quality of care and improvements in outcome from joint replacement surgery, which is amongst the safest surgical procedures undertaken.

Extending our work with the NJR, we also support the Beyond Compliance initiative, advocating the safe and stepwise introduction of new or modified implants, and the work of ODEP, an independent rating system to assess the follow up data available for orthopaedic implants against the NICE benchmark.

In addition to our extensive work in orthopaedics, we also operate the national Rheumatology audit and the National Vascular Registry (NVR).