When we are truly innovative, we make a real difference to people’s lives

4 August 2016

The amazing potential for change in the current public service environment is staggering, and to achieve that potential we need both government and businesses like ourselves to cast a new vision of what can be achieved.  

We aren’t anywhere near the end of how digital can and will reboot government. As I look at the opportunities – greater collaboration between government departments, automation of services, the reshaping of how the public interacts with government, to name just a few – it feels like the greatest determinant of our success is going to be how imaginative and determined to succeed we are. Or to put it another way, how innovative we can become.

Right now Northgate Public Services is utilising the best part of ourselves to build more innovative products and services. We are holding internal workshops up and down the country; at other times, we’re meeting with our customers in intensive sessions designed to build the solutions that will help them reach their goals.

We’ve done this before, and built some of the most ground breaking technology used in public services. CONNECT is a key success; The National Joint Registry, which is guiding the health choices of millions of people around the world, is another; and so is our ground breaking work on the Blue Badge scheme and the HGV Levy.

What’s clear to me is that if we follow the crowd our impacts are relatively limited. When we back our dreams with our knowledge, when we bet on ourselves to deliver what’s never been done before, then that’s when we make a real and tangible difference to people’s lives. 

Dave Meaden, Chief Executive, Northgate Public Services